Image of a silver lock from Master Lock

Master Lock

When it came time to redesign their website, we wanted to create an experience that mirrors the confidence and security Master Lock’s physical products give their customers. By pulling that brand equity forward into the digital space, we set about designing a site that doesn’t just sell locks but elevates the brand’s entire digital presence.

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Superimposed image of a black safe with a LED backlit touchpad


To make SentrySafe’s online consumer journey as modern and sophisticated as their security solutions, we identified and targeted two major sticking points: the disjointed transition from researching products on to purchasing them through an e-commerce partner and the arduous process for retrieving lost keys or combinations.

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Expressive illustration of female looking to her left.


Packaging had turned into a price-only decision for most CPG companies because of commoditization and increased influence from procurement. In order to change the conversation and flip the value equation, we needed to help Bemis remake its image from top to bottom.

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Emojis expressing various moods.

Getting Emotional About B2B


If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to define your brand’s personal value. In doing so, you may find it’s the secret sauce that can take your B2B marketing efforts to new heights.

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