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Roundtable Recap

Whether your Marketing Automation program is fully activated, in the planning stages or currently a future initiative, there’s always room for growth with this ever-evolving technology. Our recent Round Table event focused the different sides of Marketing Automation coming from the perspective of an agency (Laughlin Constable), a B2C platform (Braze), a B2B platform (HubSpot), as well as two in-house perspectives from the Milwaukee Bucks and Intuit.

No matter what stage you’re at in your Marketing Automation journey, here are a few key takeaways to keep in mind.

It’s all about a brilliant customer experience

Dave Goldstein, Sr. Director of Partnerships & Channel, from Braze dug into the benefits of creating a lasting brand to customer relationship through a thoughtful cross-channel experience. These thoughtful experiences result from the intersection of data and creativity. Forget the batch and blast methods of the past – consumers want, and 83% of consumers expect*, experiences that are tailored to fit their specific behavior.

Customers now want messaging that is:

  • Unique to their behaviors
  • Unique to their location
  • Sent at their preferred frequency

It’s time to start thinking about personalization beyond the confines of addressing a customer by their first name and foster one-on-one relationships with every customer.

A beautiful customer experience in action:

Screenshot of phone settings page showing the ESPN app's opt-in configurations..
Screenshot of New York Yankees Email prompting reader with call to action button that reads 'Watch Live Now'.
Screenshot of a phone screen with a New York Yankees notification from ESPN.

ESPN allows users to customize their app experience by opting into real-time alerts for their favorite teams. ESPN doesn’t constantly blast their app users with notifications either. Users can customize their alerts for each team by 7 different alert categories to provide the most valuable experience for them:

  • Team News
  • Starting Lineups
  • Game Start
  • Third, Sixth and Final inning
  • Scoring Play
  • Close Game
  • Final

Bad data = bad decisions

This may seem obvious, but we can’t stress enough how important data is to Marketing Automation. Our very own Emily Hauptle, Digital Strategist, said it best that bad data leads to bad decisions. Data should inform every strategy you put in place, so you better make sure your data is in tip-top shape.

With that being said, it’s okay to let your disengaged subscribers go. We get it. Breakups are hard. But if a subscriber is no longer responding to your emails, push notifications, or in-app messages… it’s time to say goodbye. It’ll be hard, but it’s what’s best for everyone involved. Not only will your data be cleaner, you’ll no longer be sending messages to someone that isn’t a brand champion of yours – making your metrics overall stronger.

It’s all in the numbers

We all know reporting is important but is your reporting providing you with actionable insights? If you’re only looking at the surface of your data, you could be missing valuable parts of your story. It’s the deep, cross-channel analysis that provides context to your successes and failures so you can optimize your strategy to achieve your business goals.

Looking for a place to start? Flora (Yuan) Wang, Sales Engineer, from HubSpot offered up some great questions to ask yourself when diving deeper into your reporting metrics:

  • Does a certain type of content result in more qualified leads?
  • Are there better leads in a certain region, segment or product area?
  • Does your lead scoring correlate with high-quality leads?
  • Where are your most and least qualified leads coming from?
  • Is there a cadence to your leads? Do certain times of the year result in more qualified leads?

Test smart and test often

Marketing Automation makes A/B and multivariate testing accessible to your marketing team. Moving testing beyond subject lines and into testing message copy, CTAs and creative has become more intuitive than ever. Just think about all you could learn about your audience. The possibilities are endless. Now go forth and conquer the Marketing Automation landscape.

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