Account-Based Marketing

What is Account-Based Marketing (ABM)?

ABM is selecting target accounts and delivering focused/personalized messages, programs, and content to move them towards your goal – whether that goal is a sale, contract renewal, or something else.

The Increasing Popularity of ABM

The traditional inbound marketing model of engaging with a large number of contacts through content or other digital media efforts, then nurturing the leads, can now be further optimized to a targeted approach.

  • A growing number of solutions providers now offer support/technology for ABM strategy
  • Successful ABM strategies, powered by digital techniques, allow marketers to identify target accounts and create personalized programs in a scalable and automated way

The Benefits of ABM

  1. The ROI is Clear
    • ABM delivers a higher ROI than any other B2B marketing tactic1
    • 92 percent of B2B marketers consider ABM to be very important to overall marketing tactics2
  2. Efficiency
    • Focus internal resources on the right areas and minimize expenditure of less important market segments
  3. Personal – therefore, optimized
    • Improve customer experience – 75 percent of consumers prefer a personalized experience3
  4. Drive attributed revenue
    • Measure digital strategy results with an account-centric perspective and understand the impact
  5. Alignment of marketing and sales
    • Work together to land accounts
    • Plan, create processes, coordinate strategic outreach

Creating an Effective ABM Strategy

All strategy begins with choosing the right technology and following the chart below.

Impactful ABM Strategy4

Action ItemDescription
Align Sales & MarketingShare goals, create team objectives, strategy and metrics
Identify Target AccountsLeverage technology to discover accounts that are likely to buy
Create Engaging ContentContent should be personalized, relevant and timely
Engage Across ChannelsCreate cross-channel approach to listen and engage with accounts
Measure, Analyze & OptimizeEstablish metrics and check-ins to evolve ABM strategy and show the impact

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