AI knows you better than you know yourself

The Big Five

Artificial Intelligence can do a lot, including map out our personalities with scary accuracy. Read your analysis to gain a little insight into how open, conscientious, agreeable, neurotic and extroverted you are…or aren’t. Click the plus sign on each personality trait to learn how you shape up with each of the Big Five.

  • Openness – You crave new experiences, tend to be insightful, imaginative, and are game for anything.
  • Conscientiousness – You’re reliable, self-aware, and always on time. You have a thorough and effective process for everything and love container stores more than life itself.
  • Extraversion – You feel your batteries charging while interacting with others, as apposed to introverts who gain energy from quality “me-time.” You’re bouncing with energy, bursting to talk to new people and aren’t afraid to ask for what you want.
  • Agreeableness – You play well with others. You know how to cooperate and show compassion. You’re kind, affectionate, and sympathetic.
  • Neuroticism – You tend to experience emotional instability and exhibit frequent negative emotions. You’re often moody and tense…Oof.


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