Content Creation & Production: Content with Content (Or How to Stop Worrying and Start Making Content People Give a Sh*t About)

We’re in the business of making stuff. A pithy headline, a tight script or a beautiful design are born in our collective minds. Through Hive, we give life to the things we create. You could say we’ve developed a God Complex, turns out our clients love it.
LC Hive

Everything Hive does, everything Hive is, is grounded in this:

Technology has put cameras in our pockets and editing tools on our laps. So when the time is right, Hive is ready to create. Shooting, recording, editing, mixing and any other ‘ing’ you can think of, we can handle. We’ll concept and execute ideas that bring brands to life, and we’ll do it with savings in mind. Since we control the process, you control the process. No middle man, it’s the best way to collaborate.


  •   Directing
  •   Editing
  •   Production
  •   Animation
  •   Motion Graphics
  •   Photography
  •   Studio Space