B2B Marketing: Embracing Business Change

Here’s a radical idea: B2B Marketing is different from B2C. There we said it. Better yet, we’ve done something about it. Mobium is the LC division that’s 100% dedicated to business brands. From helping emerging tech brands find a voice to giving commodity industrial brands a wedgie, this specialized B2B group helps business clients leverage change to create value and differentiation in categories we can barely pronounce.

What’s a Mobium?

Yes, we are B2B fanatics. But we’re also human beings. (Really, we are.) So Mobytes know how emotion drives purchase decisions in business, too—whether you’re a skeptical engineer or a visionary titan of industry. Our process-driven work is steeped in a deep understanding of how to engage distribution channels, communicate to buying committees or motivate global employees around the brand. Yet we create ideas that are human to the core. So you can move beyond lead generation or incremental growth to spark true business transformation.




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