Innovation: Making High-Tech a High Priority

Let’s face it, we don’t look to the future anymore, we live in the future. Our phones talk back to us, robots live amongst us, and data drives everything. So for us innovation is the fuel that keeps our team, our company, and our business evolving just as fast as the rest of the world.

Internal Innovation

There are opportunities, technologies, and ideas that need exploration. We’re committed to investing in
experimentation in order to stay at the forefront of technology.

  •   Technology Exploration
  •   Investments
  •   Product Development
  •   Training + Engagement


External Innovation

We’re looking to get you on the path to innovation and disruption.

  •   Rapid Prototyping
  •   Proof of Concepts
  •   Test + Learn
  •   Product Development
LC Lab

LC Lab

We can talk all day about how “innovative” we are, but at LC we like to lead by example. That’s why we created Laughlin Labs, a space for all of our employees to experiment, ideate, play with technology, and do much more than just talk. By encouraging our most tech savvy people to collaborate with everyone else on our team we’re coming up with new ways to use new technology on a regular basis.

Sears Auto Center

We used a high-powered super computer to sell tires. We harnessed the power of IBM Watson’s technology platform that uses natural language process and machine learning to reveal insights and provide better results over time. Watson learns the subject, consumers ask a question, Watson responds based on similar questions from others and continues to learn based on interactions.

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Master Lock

Master Lock & Docker

Docker containers wrap a piece of software in a nice little e-package that can be run anywhere.  The containers contain anything that enables a system to run – tools, libraries, custom code, dependencies.  For Master Lock, we are in the process of wrapping a Magento store into a Docker container. This will allow us to virtualize the Master Lock eCommerce platform down to the software level, which we can then run on any hosting environment to Amazon Web Services, Azure or dedicated hosting environments.  

Jewelers Mutual

LC is implementing the creation of a Short Code (SMS) based workflow for Jewelers Mutual, specifically to generate insurance quotes via text message.

This process will allow users (prospects and policy holders, alike) to engage with Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company and receive information and quotes for jewelry. Leveraging SMS technology along with IBM Watson's Natural Language Processing to interact with consumers can lead to organic engagement and interactions – which can lead to additional lead generation, applications, data points and conversions and, ultimately, revenue for Jewelers Mutual.